Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony 2014

Sochi Olympics opening ceremony is on Sunday, 23 February, 2014

Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony takes place in the Fisht Olympic Stadium on 23rd February, 2014 after all events have been finished. The venue has a capacity of 40,000 viewers. The flag holders of the participating nations go into the stadium in solitary file. After them, the athletes march simultaneously, without dissimilarity of nationality which reveals their unity.

The President of the IOC and Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games raise the platform. To resonate of the Greek national anthem, the flag is raise on the flagpole to the right. The flag is then hosted on the middle flagpole as its anthem is played. Lastly, the flag of the next Olympic Games is raise on the left flagpole of its anthem.

The mayor of the host city returns the Olympic flag to the President of the IOC on the stage. The president then charges it to the mayor who will host next Olympic Games. This flag have to be displayed in the last city's main civic building. After a speech by the President of the OCOG, the head of the IOC gives the final speech of the Olympic Games, announce the finish of the Olympic Games.

Olympic Games torch relay will end with an extinguished anthem and at the same time flag is gradually lowered from flagpole which is carried out of arena following flag envoy to be a farewell as song resounds.

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